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Omegle Talk to strangers! 6576 users online You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: hi You: make cybersex with me ? You: please Stranger: hi, Stranger: r u f/m ? You: m Stranger: age ? You: 20 You: u age ? You: u sex / You: make cyber with me ? Stranger: 19 f You: please You: pleeeeeeeeeease Stranger: well, pass ut msn You: Stranger: ur* You: hey make here You: make with me in omegle Stranger: ok, but, r u braziliense ? You: yes You: u ? Stranger: no You: make with me You: make cyber You: here You: in omegle You: cyber with me in omelge You: please You: please You: now Stranger: ok You: now i am naked You: my hand are in my dick You: are a big dick You: and he are hard You: u like ? Stranger: yes You: where are u fingers ? Stranger: in my clothes :S You: oh You: :D You: this is good You: what u make ? Stranger: what you want You: u finger in my dick Stranger: ok Stranger: an u ? Stranger: and u ?* You: my hand in u breast You: i can make this ? You: please You: please You: pleeeeeeease Stranger: ok You: oh You: tanks You: are so good You: i never put my hand of u body You: are delicoius You: u are so hot You: u horny ? Stranger: if I am bi ? You: bi ? You: bicha ? Stranger: no, what meanig 'horny' ? You: nothing You: u want make what with my dick ? Stranger: oh You: what is this ? You: oh ? Stranger: nothing You: make one thing with my big dick Stranger: I don't know, what do u want ? You: i like kiss You: kiss my dick You: please You: please You: pleeeease Stranger: ok You: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease You: and talk about what u make Stranger: I am kissing, u r hot ! You: oh You: now i see one thing in my hard dick You: are white You: are liquid You: u like ? Stranger: yes, so much You: want see ? Stranger: yes You: oh You: u hot You: u are a perverse girl ? Stranger: more or less, but I like it You: i like not perverse girls You: but i like u You: if u are perverse You: u are a exception You: :) Stranger: haha ok You: u have a pussy / You: ? Stranger: yes You: oh You: this is good You: :0 You: i liiiike pussys You: so much You: talk about she Stranger: it need oe thing in u Stranger: one* You: what ? Stranger: u know Stranger: yes ? You: no i not know Stranger: so, it rime with dik You: oh You: u spider want a snake ? Stranger: yes, now You: oh You: ok You: :D You: talk how u want this Stranger: horny Stranger: hoot You: u read this part because i am virgin You: u write this part Stranger: oh :\ so, do something You: my hand are in my dick You: u see and say You: i want this boy in my You: pussy You: my girl like big boys You: i say You: oh baby my dick are special i am virgin You: nothing of pussys for this boy You: but u say Stranger: please, please Stranger: please Stranger: please You: and i say You: ok but u need make a thing You: a strip-tease You: a narrated strip-tease You: u say Stranger: ok Stranger: i'm taking away my dressed . can u help me ? You: not You: if u wnat my dick You: make this lonely Stranger: but, help me to take away my dressed, i can't do it alone You: no You: :( You: u are my girl but i cant make this Stranger: ok You: my hand are in my dick You: the 2 hands Stranger: I take away my dress, and I'm wear a small langerie You: oh You: the color ? Stranger: red Stranger: u like ? You: yes You: is the color of the anal sex You: the color of the savage sex You: a animal sex You: u lingerie are beatiful but i not want see she You: i want see the most wonderful pussy of the planet Stranger: oh, and it want your snake Stranger: I shot your hands o the place qho their stay Stranger: of the place* Stranger: who* You: oh You: thanks for this You: i like this place You: are so sweet Stranger: an now, u have to say Stranger: and* You: u have a photo ? Stranger: no, but do it, now You: ok You: i love you You: i love u face You: i love u heart You: i love u smile You: i love u life You: i love u body Stranger: but, can you continue my actions ? You: no You: i not want this You: i wnat talk a normal conversation You: with the angel of my life You: (u) Stranger: ok, but so,whay u say, in the converse, u like i do it for u ? You: oh make cybersex with me You: pleeeeease Stranger: but, i was doing, and you asked for I stop You: no You: i not say stop You: i say You: u are the angel of my life Stranger: ok Stranger: so, so it with me, I'm naked Stranger: do* You: i naked to You: i have a big snake You: but talk u opinion about the greek crises Stranger: i don't know, its normal ? only c'mon You: oh my hand are in my dick You: are a big dick You: u like dicks ? Stranger: yes Stranger: ur is the best You: oh thanks You: u are the best too Stranger: take your hands, put their in OTHER PLACE You: u are inteligent You: funny You: sexy You: and so good You: i love u pussy You: my mouth too You: my tongue too Stranger: so, put it in OTHER PLACE, u understand ? You: no You: where ? Stranger: ? You: other place ? You: i not understating Stranger: please ? Stranger: where is more hot You: oh You: :) You: :D You: u are hot You: u are a sexy girl You: u are a woman of my dreans You: ok You: my hand are in other place Stranger: where place ? You: oh in u pussy You: no ? i am a ignorant You: :( You: sorry for this Stranger: yes You: sorry for my existence Stranger: no, i like it You: i not have good things You: i am a shit You: i not a man You: i am a fool You: sorry You: :( Stranger: u r a girl ? You: not Stranger: so, why ? Stranger: why u r sorry You: because i am a idiot You: a complet idiot You: error You: error are all with i make You: :( Stranger: no, i like what u make You: really ? You: u like my hand in u pussy ? You: i am virgin Stranger: ok Stranger: its ok You: :) You: :D You: u are a angel Stranger: haha You: but i am a idiot Stranger: no You: sorry fort this Stranger: i like u You: :D You: mi big snake like u too Stranger: and ur hand in i You: oh thanks Stranger: u can continue You: the grrek make the trasation with china You: bulgaria and usa You: but the aconomy of china have problems You: and usa not have financial lastre You: now the greeks say You: "german,help greece" You: but the ue have other prolems like iran You: and north coreia You: whre are u fingers ? You: in u pussy ? You: are welt ? You: u like masturbation ? Stranger: u like ? You: no You: u ? You: i virgin Stranger: no You: good You: talk abou u pussy Stranger: well, can u lose ur virgin ? You: ok You: not talk about this You: talk about u eyes You: are beatiful ? You: u breasts ? You: are big ? You: u welt ? Stranger: yes Stranger: but i can't use this, beacuse u arent need it Stranger: hi ? You: hi You: u greek ? Stranger: oh, greek ? the country ? You: yes You: u are greek ? Stranger: no You: i like pussys You: u have a special pussy for me ? You: i have a special dick for u You: a big snake You: with cum Stranger: yes, but u say u can't talk about it You: why ? Stranger: u say it Stranger: You: well, can u lose ur virgin ? Stranger: ok Stranger: not talk about this Stranger: u say it You: sorry You: talk about all subjects You: the u pussy You: my dick You: the greek crises You: the ahmanidejad project You: the worl cup of futtball 9or soccer) Stranger: i like we do Stranger: c'mon You: i naked You: i see u You: u say You: hey what u doing here You: and i say You: sex You: sex with the angel You: u are a princess You: go to the castle You: u say Stranger: my castle is my bedroom, and u is my prince You: oh i like this You: and i speak in turkish You: this girl are my paradise You: with she go to my bed i neve will died You: u say You: i what language u say You: and i say You: its greek You: u are a idiot You: and believ in me You: after You: u go to my ahome You: and naked say Stranger: give the best of u You: i say You: oh u are the best girl You: u have the best dick of all planet You: u say Stranger: dick ? i have a spider, an U have a dick You: yes You: u have my dick You: u have my body You: because u are hot You: and all of my life are for make u happy Stranger: so, use it, of the maximum You: u like me ? You: u like my dick ? Stranger: yes Stranger: and i like u use it You: but the greeks You: go in my bed and say You: "no" You: have a crises You: not of sex You: u say Stranger: take away de greeks Stranger: i have to do it now with u You: the wolrd explod You: and iran say Stranger: ? You: (u are the iran) Stranger: oh Stranger: please DO IT with me DO it please You: the united nations You: say You: all childres are now stones You: and the king arthur are here You: Morgane say You: (u are morgane) Stranger: can we go to other place, alone Stranger: ? You: ok You: but the justice league You: say You: now kal-el (superman) You: have kryptonite You: and lex luthor are a chimp You: (u are a chimp) You: say lex luthor You: : Stranger: aah, stop ! please, forget it, only come with me Stranger: please Stranger: i need u do it You: ok You: but the Big Snake You: say You: All gods You: diana are a quati You: and all heroes go to Oa to save You: the wonder woman You: END You: make sex with me Stranger: haha ok Stranger: continue, we are naked, right ? You: ok You: u / Stranger: man leads You: BUT You: lex luthor You: a chimp You: say You: now all stones will be my You: special cicus atractions You: circus You: No You: the heroes are in oa You: u are You: the chnce of the planet You: cnhance You: chance You: make one thing You: (CYBERSEX) Stranger: so, help me Stranger: i 'm naked, and the man have to start You: (sorry i am kalel.i am in Oa ) You: please You: talk green laterns You: the number are You: 5 You: 6 Stranger: so, how can i do it ? You: 7 You: 123 You: 45 You: 67 You: 8999 You: 655 You: 45 You: 344444444 Stranger: i need u here to do You: 567 You: please call latern You: say You: Laterns You: please say Stranger: ok Stranger: talking You: not You: write Lanterns You: here in omegle Stranger: ok You: (cybersex before) Stranger: lanterns You: oh i have a orgasm You: isee cum in all places You: thanks for this You: this is the best sex of ever You: :D You: but the chimp luthor say You: (u are the chimp) Stranger: oh, please stop ! only do it, correctly You: u are the chimp or the girl ? Stranger: the girl You: oh sorry You: i stoped You: ok You: all right ? You: u like me ? Stranger: yes Stranger: i say it Stranger: but u don't like me Stranger: u only write historys You: oh You: no You: u are the chimp luthor Stranger: ok but i want do it with u, and not interpret chimps You: are a trick You: trick of chimp luthor Stranger: ooh god You: a lie of the dangerous villain You: dangerous villain with a delicious pussy Stranger: u dont go to do it with me ? You: no You: i not speak english You: sorry You: my brother You: are coming You: a moment You: please Stranger: what ? You: dangerous villain with his rock children hate kalel You: i am here but Stranger: but u cant do it with me ? Stranger: honestly Stranger: please say You: I had to leave. My brother teased you? Stranger: well, is 2 guys ? You: no You: 1 guy You: but are my brother You: before are my brhother You: sorry You: make sex with me Stranger: after all, u have to start and do it wuth me Stranger: with* You: all ? You: what my brother make ? Stranger: only joke with me :\ You: ok You: o not speak about sex You: ok ? Stranger: what ? You: u not speak about sex You: ok ? Stranger: i want talk about it You: no with my brother You: talk abou it with me You: ok ? You: i like u Stranger: aah, ok You: u a angel You: u special for my heart You: and for my snake You: :D Stranger: so use ur snake Stranger: so much Stranger: ok? You: one moment I've got to get back in four minutes You: Princess awaits me? Stranger: ok You: do not talk to my brother Stranger: but when u return, give ur best, ok ? You: hi chimp luthor You: (say HY lantern) Stranger: i only talk with ur brother (; You: but i am kalel You: of keypton You: kryton You: The superman Stranger: ok, but, i only talk with ur brother (; You: Είμαι φίλος του Bruce Wayne You: Μισώ κακοποιών Μακάο You: Криптонит Stranger: asks ur brother to return fast You: ok You: but if u cant talk with me You: u say with me now You: hahahahaha You: my brother hate chimp luthor You: a moment Stranger: ok You: Σούπερμαν έγινε στο τεύχος #1 του περιοδικού Action Comics το 1938 κ You: δεύτερη σειρά με τον ήρωα και τίτλο Superman You: hi You: my angel Stranger: ooh, god, where is ur brother ? You: i love u You: i here Stranger: oh , finally ! You: sorry You: but my father You: say You: i wiil be killer u You: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Stranger: haha Stranger: if .. You: Νομίζω ότι podemops συνομιλούν στην ελληνική γλώσσα, έτσι; Stranger: oh god.. Stranger: where is ur brother ? You: no You: u are greek You: ? Stranger: no You: I think can converse in Greek, right? You: Nas histórias relacionadas ao Superman (histórias em quadrinhos, filmes e séries de TV), a kryptonita é um mineral que tem o efeito principal de enfraquecer o (de outro modo invulnerável) Super-Homem.

O mineral, usualmente explicado como tendo sido criado dos restos do planeta natal do Superman, Krypton, geralmente tem efeitos nocivos ao Superman. O nome "kryptonita" cobre uma variedade de formas do mineral, mas usualmente se refere à forma mais comum, a Kryptonita Verde. You: eu escrvi isto na wikipédia em português Stranger: please, say, WHAT IS UR BROTHER ? You: sorry You: :( You: my dad Stranger: what ? You: he called You: my dad clle him You: called him You: dad You: called him You: hey You: are my brother You: Bye luthor chimp You: (USAY BAY) Stranger: what ? You: soory You: for my brother You: i am Michael again You: my name are michael Stranger: haha ok You: u name ? You: Angel ? You: :) Stranger: haha Stranger: carol Stranger: but, what we were doing ? Stranger: hi ? You: sex You: carol You: are a greek name You: u country ? Stranger: Br You: BRAZIL ? Stranger: no, but i can talk in portuguese, too You: oh You: talk i perfer portuguese to english You: my language are greek You: but eu posso falar e escrver com a ajuda de um amigo do msn Stranger: aah ok Stranger: eu posso falar português, se quizer You: por favor You: um minuto meu pai Stranger: ok Stranger: quantos anos você tem ? You: voltei Stranger: oi ? You: oi You: 20 You: e vc ? Stranger: então, quantos anos você tem ? You: 20 Stranger: 19 (quase 20) You: bom Stranger: uma semana para You: :) You: eu gostar disso You: vc é donde ? Stranger: do u.s.a Stranger: mas estou aprendendo palavras e girías em português por que vou me mudar para o brazil You: o eu não ajudou a grécia You: :( You: vcs nos odeiam You: a tv falou Stranger: vcs ? You: os americanos Stranger: não . eu não odeio você ! You: Curiosamente, no filme de 2006 Superman Returns foi dada a fórmula química do mineral, que quase coincidiu com o mineral Jadarita, descoberto no mesmo ano. You: brigado You: brother out You: dad called Stranger: porque você só fala do superman ? You: hey chimp luthor You: i not speak russian You: sorry You: desculpa You: pai chamar You: desculpa You: irmão chateou / You: ? Stranger: ok Stranger: não You: que bom You: ele só me chama de lanterna verde You: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk You: engraçado,né ? Stranger: é Stranger: haha Stranger: então .. You: seu msn ? Stranger: um minuto You: claro Stranger: você poderia passar o seu ? You: claro que não You: espera que eu vou resolver isto You: Stranger: isto ? You: conversa comigo aqui You: Stranger: não saia daí You: ok Stranger: não consigo abrir You: δίνει έναν πλήρη ορισμό της τέχνης σαν "σχήματα και εικόνες ευρισκόμενα εσκεμμένα σε σειρά με σκοπό να μεταδώσουν πληροφορίες και/ή να προκαλέσουν μια αισθητική αντίδραση από τον χρήστη You: You: Αναλόγως το πως ορίζει κανείς τα κόμικς, οι ρίζες τους μπορούν να αναζητηθούν στο 15ο αιώνα ή ακόμα και στα Αιγυπτιακά ιερογλυφικά. Παρόλα αυτά, η σημερινή μορφή τους (με καρέ και κείμενο σε συννεφάκια ή λεζάντες) εμφανίστηκε στα τέλη του 19ου αιώνα. Stranger: não abre Stranger: ainda You: busca na gogle testonho wikia Stranger: diz que é estrangeiro You: sou You: gerrek You: greek Stranger: bom, então vai ter que ser por aqui Stranger: tudo bem ? You: não You: twitter ? Stranger: oi ? You: tem twitter ? You: i love u pussy You: i love u smile You: i love u body You: i love u hair You: i love u face Stranger: quem está falando ? You: por favor You: michael You: por favor tem twitter ? Stranger: não, mas, tudo bem, me adicione no msn You: não gosto de piranhas You: oferecidas que adoram sexo virtual You: eu sou virgem e católico You: grego You: seu país não gosta de nós You: :( Stranger: não sou Stranger: e não é meu país, sou EU Stranger: eu que julgo o que eu gosto ou não You: a grécia sofre You: esta é a realidade You: culpa de vcs You: desculpa Stranger: puxa, não é minha culpa ! eu já estou saindo daqui, então por favor, não me julgue ! You: meu irmão You: te ofendeu You: não acho vc oferecida You: vc é linda You: maravilhosa You: sensacional You: eu adoro vc You: me desculpa Stranger: não, tudo bem You: não sai sem antes me perdoar You: e sem eu saber como mantenho contacto You: por You: favor Stranger: tudo bem Stranger: só não quero mais falar com o seu irmão You: tá bom You: mas pai me chama e ele vem aqui You: :( Stranger: ok, só me avise quando sair You: ah tá You: :) You: por favor continue You: falando comigo mesmo depois You: de sair do omegle Stranger: tudo bem You: vc é tão bonita quanto eu penso ? Stranger: eu não sei You: eu acho vc linda You: engraçada sexy You: maravilhosa You: por favor como posso manter contato ? Stranger: passe seu msn por favor, e eu adiciono você You: tem outro jeito não ? You: faz um You: pooor favor You: aki vou sair You: volto já Your conversational partner has disconnected. or send us feedback Was this conversation great? Share the log on Facebook or download it!